About Us

Costas Verdes is a grass roots non-profit organization, founded in 2009 by a group of young professionals with a passion for surfing who decided to bring back the native forest to some of Costa Rica’s most important surfing beaches that were deforested and that have remained barren for decades.

Since inception Costas Verdes has literally brought back the native coastal forest back to two very important public surfing beaches, Playa Hermosa and Playa Guiones – creating tangible benefits on surrounding local communities. Our impacts include: economic (more tourism), social (catalyze the participation of local communities including schools, local business & government agencies) and environmental (we have now turned beaches covered with exotic grasses to beaches with trees and macaws now visit us).

We have become a catalyst in turning Costa Rican interests in recovering their native coastal forest in a reality.

Adopt A Tree

This 2017 we have set a goal of planting 8000 trees on the Pacific coast.

For only $20 you can adopt a tree and become a Green Buddy (Compa Verde). You can either come and plant your tree with us at one of projects or we will plant it for you - but do not forget at check-out to leave the message that out that your tree will carry with him for the rest of his life.

Adopt a Tree for $20



• We positioned ourselves as Costa Rica’s leading coastal reforestation organization
• Supported/led 5 beach reforestation projects in Costa Rica
• Planted more than 20,000 trees
• Involved more than 4,000 volunteers
• Involved more than 30 schools
• Involved 50+ companies, including SMEs through our sponsorship program
• Working a forward thinking frameworks to promote zero net loss coastal development regulations

Seed Companies

Costas Verdes offers unique, authentic and accessible opportunities to companies of all sizes for its corporate social responsibility programs.

“Una experiencia única e inolvidable para nuestra empresa, lo recomiendo” XX, Súper Baterías, 2016.

Our Ecosystem


Mail: info@costasverdes.org

Phone: +506 60006000

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